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College Admissions Essays: An Influential Person Or Event

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An influential Person/event

It seemed like it would make her die, just speaking it. So I didn't tell anyone, not even my best friends. At school I would slip into a fantastical dreamland, nobody there knew that I should be troubled, pensive. I put on my best front and paraded around the school halls with some sort of smile plastered on my face. At lunchtime I'd stare at my food thinking that my friends should know. I thought of a million different ways to tell them. Each time that I came close to telling them, I would think about their potential reactions. There would be the normal lunchtime banter going on, complaints about the ranch dressing, and I would blurt out, "Hey guys, my mom ...view middle of the document...

I wiped away my forming tears and gave myself a mental pep talk to be cheery. As long as I didn't look at her tired eyes I was OK. Half an hour later, she was done and we got to go home. I stayed alone in my room that night. Out of courtesy to my mom and fear that my friends would find out, I didn't have them over to the house for a long time. I didn't want them to notice anything, like the bottles of medicine all lined up at my mom's place at the table. Each pill a tiny soldier waging war on my mother's body. There were always huge quantities of lemons in the refrigerator. A friend would come over, "Hey Karen, why so many lemons? It's the middle of winter!" I couldn't risk having to explain to them that the taste of lemons made my mom less nauseous. The ceiling of the bathroom had hair on it. She tried so hard to camouflage her hair loss by blow drying her hair for over half an hour every morning. She would turn her head upside down, use some hairspray, then blow dry, then more hairspray and more blow drying. I don't think she realized her effect on the ceiling. Eight months after she had discovered...

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