College Application Essay. Music And Volunteering. Ideas And Suggestions Welcomed

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Throughout the years of high school I have been involved in my community almost from the start. Extracurricular school activities such as leader of Knite Lights a group which provides music to special events and dances, a member of the yellow Ribbon Campaign, a member of the Gay/Straight Alliance with-in the school and a member of the Special Events committee. I volunteered at the local volunteer Fire Department for a year, Participated in many Big Brothers Big Sisters events and activities. A member of the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets for 3 years, 30 hour Famine leader for 2 years and hopefully many more the come, the Stop Racism Campaign for one year and hopefully many more and many other thing with-in the community like Children's Halloween events and Canada Day celebrations. I'm ...view middle of the document...

At the age of 16 I picked up the snare drum and took on learning music theory by that summer I had be recommended by my superior officers in Sea Cadets to go to Avalon, Newfoundland and train with some of the best musical instructors in Canada. At the end of the summer I left the base with my Canadian Conservatory Level 1 in Snare drumming and level 1 in Musical theory. After that I picked up playing the drum kit and soon after formed a band named "Nothing". It consisted of Anthony as lead guitar, Tyler as bass, Daniel "Scratch" as rhythm guitar and finally myself as Drums/Percussions and lead vocals. After about 5 months we were ready for our first show! We had about 5 covers down and 1 original written, drums and lyrics by myself. It was a hit locally; "Nothing" would play every lunch hour for our fans in the school and would go on to write 2 more originals and play two more shows before their departure. The three guys in the band went to college and myself only being in grade 11, (now twelve) had to stick around.I have been pretty quiet lately putting on a few local music shows and dances keeping to myself writing material and such. I have recently been dabbling with playing piano and would love to pick up playing guitar and bass. My favorite band and inspiration for the past 6 years has been none other than the great GREEN DAY! Without them I would of never been involved in music at this level.In my near future I look forward to working with bands and help them out on the road of recording, production and management. I would also like to see myself involved in the recording industry at a clientele level forming my own band and recording our own CD. Thank you for taking a look at my essay and I cannot await to attend your fine school and begin the adventure of pursuing my dreams!

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