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College Athletes Essay

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Persuasive Speech Outline

1. They are two academic sources (book, academic journal) and one popular sources (magazine, newspaper). Remember, this is just a minimum. You can use more than this amount. You must also include your sources within the outline of your speech (in-text citation) where you will use it (intro, body, conclusion) and to ORALLY cite your source during the course of your presentation (refer to handout on how to orally cite sources) NO WEBSITES!
2. This is an example of a persuasive speech outline. While some parts have more than one sentence, this is NOT a manuscript to memorize. Your responsibility is to construct an outline with as many key words and phrases that ...view middle of the document...


I. Illiteracy is a much larger problem than most of us realize.
A. 21% -23% or 40-44 million of 191 million adults are at level 1 literacy
B. 43% of all adults at level 1 literacy live in poverty compared to only 4% -8% of adults with high literacy levels that live in poverty (in-text citation: author, date, title and/or publication)
C. Fewer than 10% of adults needing help are actually getting help
D. Overall literacy levels
a. average of 3.5% tested at level 5 – the highest level
b. majority of adults tested at level 3 – average reading level
c. level 1 only has 10% few adults than level 3 – level 1 is illiterate

Transition: With an understanding of the problem that faces America, I want to share with you come common reason why people are illiterate.

II. There are many reasons why people are illiterate:
A. Most common reason: they don’t speak, read, write the English language – 25% of illiterate adults are immigrants learning to speak (in-text citation: author, date, title and/or publication)
B. Children are not read to when they are young and lack the training in reading
C. Physical conditions
D. Mental conditions
E. Health problems
F. Visual impairments

Transition: Understanding why people are illiterate better equips us to help combat the growing problem, but how can we get involved?


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