College & Career Essay

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College and Career Research Project


Foundations of Engineering
Instructor: Steve Ballard
Period 7

1. Occupation/Career

Mechanical Engineering

A. Why did you choose your chosen occupation/career, the career you want to do for the rest of your life?
I chose the occupation/career of mechanical engineering because I like to interpret different things dealing with computers and finding out different things wrong with computers and being able to fix them or get them fixed.
B. Give a brief description of what your job/occupation/career is about.
A quick description of what my job/occupation/career is about is that mainly you perform engineering ...view middle of the document...

G. List any military careers and their earnings for your occupation.
Military careers for my occupation are marine architect, sailors and marine oilers, and military officer special and tactical operations leaders/managers. The yearly earnings for these careers are: marine architect- $118,600.00, sailors and marine oilers- $51,900.00, and military officers special and tactical operations leaders/managers was unavailable.
H. List the work hours and travel required for your chosen occupation.
I could not find the exact hours but a person must work a standard 40 hours a week and a car would be the travel required but I do not know the distance.

2. General Information about your College or University

University of Alabama

A. What is the name of the college or university?
The name of the university I chose is the University of Alabama.
B. Why did you choose this college or university?
I choose this university because I wanted to learn more about the University of Alabama, see if it had the major that I want to go into, and see if it was a school of interest for me.
C. Location
i. Where is it located? City and state
My college is located in Tuscaloosa, AL.

ii. Include a Yahoo map or Rand McNally Map. Use BrewTech High
School’s address as the starting point and the address of your
college or university as the destination. BrewTech’s address is as
follows; 4405 Brewbaker Drive Montgomery, Al 36116.
Include a map the driving distance and total hours needed to drive
from BrewTech to your chosen college or university.
iii. What is the closest large city to your university or college?
iv. If your college is more than 300 miles from Montgomery you must
Find air transportation. Meaning you have to find how much a ticket will cost from you college town to Montgomery.
v. How large is the campus? Acres and/or square miles?
The University of Alabama sits on 1,000 acres of land.
vi. Does the campus easily lend itself or accommodate student parking
And to students who commute to school? In other words are there in
your opinion enough parking for everyone.
In my opinion, there is not enough parking for everyone.

vii. Please include the college or university’s complete mailing address.
Include the college or university’s website address. Include the college map
The university’s complete mailing address is The University of Alabama, Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Box 870132, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0132.
viii. Include the college or university’s website address.
The university’s website address is
ix. Include the college map.

3. The Student Body
A. How many students attend the college or university you plan to attend?
The amount of students attending the University of Alabama is 27,052.
B. How many students make...

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