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For so many years college education has been one of the most important assets which every successful person craves to have. As a college student I expect college education to change my life in many ways; the most important way is to help me to obtain a career that will secure my future as well as to improve my knowledge of my surroundings.

I expect my college education to be a gateway to countless job opportunities. Whereas the competition for getting a lucrative job becomes apparent that a high school graduate has a slim chance to obtain a well-paid job. In this economy meltdown where the job market has plunged and it become extremely hard to obtain a job with only high school diploma, college degree becomes one of the essential building blocks which every ambitious person ought to have. In addition, the vast majority of corporations today inquire college graduates as a potential candidate for an employment instead of high school graduates. For ...view middle of the document...

As an Engineering
Technician, at a prestigious corporation, I often face problems when participating in meetings, writing formal reports, and sharing my thoughts clearly in speech and writing. This is due to my poor communication and technical writing skills. Therefore, College is the best place to get the necessary knowledge and skills to develop the ability to express thoughts, write professional reports and improve communication skills. I am optimistic that college education will empower me to accomplish my ambitions to become successful individual.

In this modernized world, where everything is becoming increasingly sophisticated, college education is essential to serve our needs. College education will not only benefit my professional life, but it will also improve the quality of my personal life. Moreover, College education will enable me to provide my children with the help in their professional and personal life. College graduates are very likely to live a better life and continue to improve the quality of their children’s life. Children often come to their parents for help. College education along with my life experience will enable me to resolve my children’s issues that come up in the future. For so many years college education has been the main source for learners to expand their knowledge about their surrounding and interact with others. College helps students to develop their skills in various areas such as critical thinking, writing formal reports, discussion, time management, and so on. Not having a college degree has always been a barrier for me. I often feel disconnected in the middle of a discussion or don’t have anything to say because of my shortage of knowledge.

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For example, sometimes when I’m having a general conversation on any subjects, I often face problem trying to support my ideas. Therefore, things that we learn in college refine these
talents. Furthermore, college education will help me to build self-confidence to be more in control of my life.

College education is very important in life. As I am perusing an engineering degree, I expect college education to enable me to have a life time opportunities to secure my future, and to make me a better educated person.

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