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College Entrance Essay

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From wrapping my dog in gauze to taking anatomy and biology one of things I have dreamed about is becoming a doctor. There are many things I want to do in life win a championship in a high school football, become a doctor, and go to the University of California San Diego. There are many reasons I want to go to your college your beautiful campus, great academic standards, and your state of the art medical facilities .

Ever since I can remember I have dream’t of going to college. I can recall as a young boy going to the college my mother attended and sitting in the back of the class thinking how cool it was that I was in a college. These memories have driven me in all my studies ...view middle of the document...

The things that helped me learn my balancing act were sports, being the vice president in my 4-H club, and my school work. During the winter and early spring is when I need to balance it all. I am in the beginning of the second semester when they start ramping it up, am in the most crucial part of wrestling season and I have a new baby pig . This is when the balancing act is most important. These three things represent the big three things that must be balanced school representing school, wrestling representing recreation, and my pig represents work. All of these things help me believe that I can handle the stress of college.

There are many reasons that I choose your college to get an education and to start my new life. The first thing that caught my eye about your school was the beautiful campus. What made me notice your campus is the beautiful scenery around the campus, the amazing class buildings, and the the beach side location. Even though these things are what drew my attention...

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