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The arrival of September foreshadows sun-splashed Saturday afternoons at the stadium, ancient rivalries, the blaring brass of colorful halftimes, tailgating behind the end zone grandstand, fight songs after touchdowns — the full panoply of college football’s timeless charms. It is also the cue for the annual emergence of a discordant and plaintive cry across the land, “Why can’t we have a playoff?”
Over the last 11 years, college football’s postseason has been centered on a still relatively new creation, the Bowl Championship Series. It replaced a system that was really no system at all, and offered the prospect of a championship game matching (hopefully) the two most deserving teams. To a ...view middle of the document...

This has happened in college basketball, but the trade-off there has been more acceptable than it would be in football. This is an important element in the opposition to a playoff.
College football is not the N.F.L., and does not want to be. It is essentially a regional sport with teams that play two-thirds of their games in their conferences, and regular-season nonconference games matching top national programs are rare. A postseason tournament that would fairly match teams of different strengths with similar records from around the country would not be easy to devise, and would not dispel all controversy.
The playing of football games during exam periods, with a December playoff schedule, or the expansion of a sport involving so many athletes into a two-semester format, with a January playoff, are each viewed as undesirable. Many university presidents feel the season is already too long, and cite injuries as a particular concern in further lengthening the schedule.
The leadership of college football is also intent on protecting the bowl system, in which several dozen communities around the...

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