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When a college student makes the decision to do an internship, it can be equally rewarding for both parties. Employers may receive a student who may not be “seasoned” however, they can be a key element in assisting the organization's needs. With the economy as it is today, an intern can save the employer money. An intern is not required to be added to the organization's payroll, receive medical insurance or even partake in paid holidays or vacations which are just a few reasons on how an intern can save the employer on employee costs. The organizations that will be using interns need to keep in mind that just because they are using an intern, it can not be done just to save money (Associated ...view middle of the document...

d.). If the student is an undergraduate and receives an internship that is paid, the student should receive minimum wage or up to $10.00 an hour. For an employer to decide whether or not the internship should be paid depends to the type of work the intern will be completing. If the intern is not being paid for work done, the intern is considered a “trainee” and guidelines from the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) must be followed. For an intern to be paid, they must be completing work typically done by employees and not be receiving any type of training or close mentoring (Ithaca, n.d.).

Before any recommendations can be made there needs to be additional information obtained. Before considering hiring an intern strict guidelines need to be written out and carefully evaluated. The job guidelines need to be comprehendible and the organization should allow the intern to take on special projects. It is also advisable to list the number of hours the intern will be required to work. Also, for the student completing the internship, recommend to them keeping a work log, evaluation sheets, and at the end of the internship have the intern complete an internships assessment report. In determining whether the internship is to be paid or not is based on guidelines set forth by the FLSA and should be followed accordingly.

Some of the ethical issues surrounding internships may be exploitation of labor, fair treatment and indemnity agreements. Exploitation of labor refers to the intern doing tasks that others employees do not want to do such as making copies, cleaning or making coffee. In other words, the intern is not being taught how the job is to...

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