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College Students Who Binge Drink Essay

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Binge drinking is a problem that affects a majority of the people around my age. In college it is a problem that is widely accepted as a rite of passage and in most areas looked upon with approval by one's peers. Binge drinking can lead to problems such as physical illness, dropping out of school, trouble with the law and even in the most extreme cases, death. There are many resources in circulation that can give you good information on the subject, but the purpose of this report is to get the facts to you the reader so that you may have a better understanding of the problem.As heavy drinking within the ranks of college students continues to be very prevalent, there have been many studies ...view middle of the document...

They also used a variable in school size to test their regression analyses. To keep them apart they kept schools less than or equal to 10,000 students in size separate from those schools greater than 10,000. The researchers then used the 1993 study as guide for the other three studies to use as reference so they could compare the binge rate over the period of time, but also to keep from having a possible bias in the binge rate of each of the other survey years.To analyze the data the researchers discarded two predominantly black schools and three religious schools where the use of alcohol is not permitted. What the researchers found was that the rate of binge drinking for the total number of students and for what they call high-risk subgroups, which are white, male and underage. They discovered that when a school had a large percentage of females, minorities or persons equal or older than 22 years of age, the rate of binge drinking for the entire student population and high-risk subgroups was lower. The researchers also came upon the fact that the correlations did not differ much at all from survey to survey. The results also showed that if a student did not participate in binge drinking in high school, they were less likely to binge drink when they got to college. The findings led to the decision that self-selection is not feasible to explain the findings.Another study on binge drinking entitled "Perceptions of Drinking and Related Findings From the Nationwide Campuses Study" by Lee Licciardone, looks at the facts about what is perceived about college students and their drinking habits. To start their research they used the Nationwide Campuses Study (NCS), which was taken by 28,376 college students at 57 colleges between the time of November 1991 and November 1994. The data used was collected from the Core Institute at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. The researcher used what he called the "misperception ratio" for each of the college campuses that were studied. The ratio is defined as the relationship between how much alcohol a student was perceived to have consumed compared to how much the student reported consuming. The information being used in this study was based off of two basic questions: "How often do you think the average student on your campus uses alcohol (beer, wine, liquor)?" and "Within the last year, about how often have you used alcohol (beer, wine, liquor)?" Each of the two questions had answers ranging all the way from never to everyday.The results of the study showed that at every single campus that was included in this study, the students overestimated the rate of alcohol use on their respective campuses. As you could assume the students at the schools with a lower rate of misperception were more likely to engage in binge drinking and other activities of the same nature. This is because if a larger portion of the student populations are out drinking they are more likely to have a better grasp on the prevalence of...

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