College Success Essay

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The Importance of College Success
Today, education is viewed as a crucial achievement in order to pursue any given set goal of a human being. Many people feel that college is not a questionable option, but instead the next imperative step to success in one’s life. Many beneficial factors come with this educational achievement. Well-paying jobs are much easier to find with a college degree, and to most of society, this brings a sense of security. Not only is a successful college graduate almost always guaranteed financial stability, but he or she also develops a well-respected work ethic and gains personal knowledge that far exceeds what one learns in a classroom.
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There are many different sociological ethnicities, religions, and beliefs of others in this world, and college aids people in learning to be reasonable, communicative, open-minded, and tolerant to other’s opinions. A college student living without his or her parents is personally being taught to be independent. Although many students are still supported financially by his or her family, mentally, the students feel like a parent to themselves. They are forced to make boundaries, such as curfews, and limits, such as choosing to study rather than to participate in recreational activities with friends, and in return, success is gained on a personal level.
Success in college not only brings a steady career and self-betterment, but it teaches many people the importance of a good work ethic. Work ethics are a set of values based on hard work, diligence, and belief in the moral benefit of work and its ability to enhance character. Work ethics are designed to encourage good work habits such as attendance, communication, appearance, teamwork, productivity, and respect. Arriving to work on time is of upmost...

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