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College Vs Professional Football Comparison/Contrast Essay

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English 1101
College vs. Professional Football
Throughout time, sports have drastically changed and become more and more intricate. American football is easily the most popular sport in the United States. Fans love to watch it, and boys love to play it. Football is commonly played among males anywhere from seven to forty-seven years old. As football has progressed, it has obtained many different rules and divisions. The two most famous leagues of football are the National Football League (NFL) and the NCAA (National College Athletic Association). It is clear there are significant differences between the National Football League and the National College Athletic Association. ...view middle of the document...

A college football player is unable to be paid go play, while a professional football player wouldn't play unless they were paid. It is a rule by the NCAA that a college athlete is unable to receive money or endorsements for playing. If a player was to break this rule, they could quickly become suspended for several weeks, lose their scholarships, or even kicked out of their school entirely. Instead of money, college football players may receive scholarships. Not all college football players are lucky enough to obtain scholarships, but those that do may have scholarships from 10% to full ride scholarships. In professional football, a player must be paid money. These athletes have chosen football to be their career. Most football players are paid multimillion dollars. They are paid so much money because football is a very dangerous sport, and the players are risking their general safety and well being by playing.
While it is very common for a professional player to change teams, a college football player is not allowed to switch teams. Every year, before the season begins, there is a draft in professional football. This is the time when professional teams make offers to college football players to play for them. At the same time, the professional teams are allowed to trade players on their teams for players on another team. The teams are also allowed to bring in players whose contracts with other teams have ended. It is common to hear about professional football players changing teams about every four to six years, because that is typically how long their contracts are good for. It is illegal in college football, however, for a player to switch teams. Once a player has committed to a school, they are obligated to only play for that school. Unless they graduate college, get drafted into the NFL early, get kicked off the team, or drop out of school, the player will not play for another team during their college years.
Every year in both professional and college football, there is an overall champion. In both leagues, the champion is determined by what is called a bowl game. In the NFL, the national champion is whoever wins a specific bowl game, the Superbowl. The Superbowl is played by the two teams from each subdivision of the NFL (the East Coast and the West Coast)...

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