College Worth It Essay

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Is College Worth It?
Noe Gutierrez
Charter College

Is college worth it? This has been on the mind of every prospective student trying to decide what they are going to do for the rest of this life’s. Although it’s not a simple yes or no answer, it can be simplified. Whether they want to attend a state university, local community college, or a private school it’s all the same. It depends on what degree is perused and what field

Is College Worth It?
College has always been a gateway to a better future ever since the mid-1600’s. Prosperous students have lined up to attend college. In recent events, the cost to attend college had risen 130% from fall 1982 to fall 2012. It ...view middle of the document...

Student loans are a burden to recent graduates who are looking for a job; this may cause financial problems. More and more students have to move in with their parents because of the immense loan debt and the job opportunities. Between 2003 and 2012, 25-year-olds with student loan debt has increased from 25% to 43% and their average balance was $20,326, a 91% increased since 2003. (Brown, 2013) According to the US Congress Joint Economic Committee 60% of those students had a loan balance equal to 60% of their annual salary. (Klobuchar, 2013) The high cost of tuition if forcing students to get take out more loans and to repay them is a burden financially. That’s why 85% of college seniors plan to move in back in with their parents after graduation. Studies have shown that it had a steady rate of 67% of students have moved back home. (Dickler, 2012) Finally, a study made by the Federal Reserve, 30-year-olds who never took out student loans are more likely to own homes. In 2013 student borrowers delayed retirement saving by 41%, as well as car purchases by 40% and marriage by 15%. (Ellis, 2013)
College also provides their prosperous students with better job opportunities. For instance, in 2013 the unemployment rate for college graduates over 25 years was 3.6%. Compare that to an Associate’s degree at 5.0%, high school diploma at 7.5% and high school drop-outs at 11.4%. (Greenstone, 2013) College graduates are also 58% more satisfied with their jobs than non-graduates. (Carnevale, 2010) College campuses are is also a great places to network and meet new people. Some which are though professors, internships, job shadowing, and volunteer opportunities. Harvard Business School estimates that 60% - 85% of jobs are acquired form networking. Along with those jobs, the recent graduates would expect to receive more annually than if they didn’t attend college.
College offers several programs after graduating to help for job placement, although not everyone gets a job in their studied field. In a study made in 2008 by the Department of Labor 17 million college graduates had jobs that did not require college education. 1 in 3 graduates had a job that only required them to have a high school diploma of less. (Vedder, 2012) In 2011 college graduates under 25 years had no job or only part-time. In February of 2013 the unemployment rate was 8.8% which was up 5.7% since 2007. A total of 18.3 % were underemployed. (Shierholz, 2013).
Employers are starting to have college education as a requirement for all applicants, so with a college degree people would get a chance to get hired. More and more jobs are opening up that require a college degree. From December 2007 to January 2010, 187,000 jobs opened.
College offers several programs after graduating to help for job placement, although not everyone gets a job in their studied field. In a study made in 2008 by the Department of Labor 17 million college graduates had jobs that did not require college education....

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