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College Writing Essay

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Emilio RuizCollege WritingMarch 9th, 2014Sequential Writing AssignmentRacism has been around for Centuries now and it still has not ended. I can relate with Joe from the short story "Champion Of The World" where he was hated by all the Whites during the World War Era. Joe fought for his and all of his families lives. To this day, you still see racism wherever you go. Coming from an Hispanic backround with my mother coming from Argentina and my father coming from The Dominican Republic, I experienced quite a few racist encounters.The short story "Champion Of The World" is about a championship fight between a white man and a the Heavyweight ...view middle of the document...

He thought in his mind "My race groaned. It was our people falling. It was another one lynching, yet another man hanging on a tree.."(Page3) He did not want all that tragedy to happen within his people. So he took matters into his own hands, literally. He came back and started to win this fight and to win back his heavy weight title. He eventually knocked out the white man and nobody cheered. The white fans were all in shock and very angry, and the black fans were all afraid to cheer because they thought the whites would attack them. This comes to show how racism has been around for a long time and has impacted this country in many ways.I can compare to this in many ways. When I used to play soccer for an all Mexican team, most of the teams that we faced were mainly Caucasian kids and they always made fun of us saying how we couldn't speak English. They would taunt us all game long. Calling us names and pushing us on purpose. But we showed all of those teams that he didn't need to talk smack to show how good we are. We did not lose a game the whole season and ended up winning the championship. All of our parents were proud of us and couldn't be any happier.Racism impacts many of our lives and will never leave. But you have to just get through it and show them how much of a better person you are. Eventually they will recognize that and start acknowledging it.Works Cited

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561 words - 3 pages insight and understanding unrivaled in our industry. Check out what you get with our service: 250 words per page of plagiarism free writing A professionally-qualified and trained expert writer writing your term paper. Your essay will be checked for quality by a second writer. Your communications essay is based on the latest research in your area of study. Ability to request revisions if any requirement is missing

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