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Colonization Of The Moon Essay

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The colonization of the moon is the first step for humankind to become and interplanetary species. It is the only logical choice, becauseof its close proximity to Earth. There will be many advantages if the colonization of the moon is success. The colonization will consist of three mission, each bringingmore humans to work in and support the base. The first mission will carry twenty-five people and will install the basic necessities. The first components to be installed would be the power plants and communication stools, as well as the habitats. Other components, such as laboratories, transportation devices, and ports would come later. The colonization of the moon would take around five ...view middle of the document...

Because the lack of weather of even seasons on the moon there will always be acknowledgment of holidays and other significant event's. There will be full access to the media , such as television and the internet, on the moon. People living in the colony will always be able to contact those the love on the moon through video conferencing.because there have been limited experiments of what occurs to the human body in low gravity condition, there will be medics along with the rest of the crew. because of the separation from humans back on earth the colony will always be up to date with news occurring back on earth to avoid a feeling of loneliness and isolation. Various activities would occur on the colony. The colony will be used as aconstruction and fueling site. Using the moon as a take off site is a lot cheaper when compared to the amount of fuel and resource required to escape the pull of earth's gravity. The amount of technological gains is unimaginable, and the information obtained could also be used to prepare a Mars colony. One of the most exciting things to be on the colony will be the telescope. The lack of interference, as well as the slow rotation of the moon, will help astronomers look farther back into space. As the colony grows and expands there will be a need...

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