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Columbian Exchange Trade Essay

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Columbian Exchange Trade
The Columbian Exchange was one largest exchange between foods and ideas. Through the Columbian Exchange it effected Europe’s population as well as their economy.

The Columbian Exchange drastically affected Europe’s population. One way it effected the population is giving it a surplus of food. Through the surplus of food the population rose drastically. Also Europeans gained several new domestic plants, which they started to grow such as apples, coffee and sugarcane. An effect that causes to decrease the population a bit of Europe was diseases which Europeans never experienced as they came from the New World.

Yellow fever was one example of a disease; it barely decreased the population size, because the surplus of food and new crops increased its population by several times. Another effect that affected Europe’s population was the ...view middle of the document...

Several goods brought to Europe by the New World and other effects had a drastic cause on European Population

Like Europeans population the Columbian Exchange also affected their economy. One way the economy was affected was through the new jobs and opportunities it created. Many people during the time of Exploration tried to seek out opportunities to become rich. Columbus was a great example of such a person who tried to seek glory and gold. By the many opportunities given, people had more jobs and the middle class grew in some countries, like the Netherlands, as ship builders and crewmembers were needed. Another effect was new crops that came from the New World. One of these goods was the Potato. It was an easy to grow product in Northern Europe and helped them to increase their population. Ireland was one country, which was very affected by the potato as it helped them to increase their population during the age of exploration. Also with the other new goods Europe got such as sugar, they sold more goods and made a profit or traded the goods for spices that India had plenty. In some cases the economy was successful in the short term, but in long terms it failed. One example was Spain. The gold found in the New World that was brought to Spain helped it pay off all the war debts, but sooner or later there was an inflation of gold and price fell rapidly. In the New World the Europeans ruled their economy. The colonies established in the new world helped to increase the profit of the Europeans living there. Animals such as horses, cattle were traded in the New World for the goods that were to be shipped to Europe. By bringing animals to the New World people started farming and created new jobs and increased Europeans profit. The trade of goods between Europe and the New World helped the rise of Europe’s economy.

The Columbian exchange brought many goods and ideas around the continent. The main benefit of those trades was the Europeans. As presented by the Columbian Exchange, Europe’s economy and population grew.

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