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Com 150 Final Essay

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English Versus Spanish in America
James Cooper
COM 150
August 21, 2011
Patrick Williams

English Versus Spanish in America

The Spanish language has recently become a debate among Americans as it is taking over English in America based upon changes in public schools introducing Spanish only courses. Since America has been founded there has never been a set national language in America. Knowing and understanding the Spanish language is becoming more of a priority in America as it becomes just as popular as the English Language among the American population. The future of America depends ...view middle of the document...

“The Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964 covers discrimination based on foreign language, though it is an aspect of the law that has not been consistently enforced.” (Armas, 2009) America has lived peacefully without problems with language barriers among its population for centuries. However, the large amount of immigrants crossing into America from Mexico and neighboring countries, be it legal or illegal, has caused a major debate over our national language and has created something similar to a war of languages in America.
In America’s public education system Spanish has become a debate with the increase in Spanish only speaking children entering the education system. Many schools have classes directed toward the increasing Spanish population in America by holding classes in Spanish only. This has stirred up many debates across America about what language should be used to teach children. In Florida, where immigration has rose drastically over the past 10 years, public schools have begun teaching children who speak Spanish and other languages English by teaching them words with sound and pictures and has been successful. At the pre-school level in Florida it is another story. At this level teachers teach based upon the language the child knows and can understand. Other communities continue to struggle though across America with the language differences in public school. The foundation of learning a language starts at the early grade levels and even earlier prior to children entering the school system. Parents of children who do not speak English are holding their children from advancing at a quicker pace. This also goes for those children from English-speaking families that the parents should be open to allowing their children to learn Spanish as it is becoming more prominent in America.
The American economy has struggled recently. With the poor economy there has been a rise in illegal immigration and its migration into the work force in America. The workforce in many localities across America has also seen a rise in legal immigrants entering the workforce. The increase causes many problems for those who do not speak Spanish. Many employers today seek employees with bilingual skills in both Spanish and English. Teaching our children Spanish today is vital because the future will only lead to more demand for those who are fluent in both Spanish and English. Another aspect of the language barriers in the workforce causes a barrier between those who speak Spanish and those who only speak English. In an article in USA Today a columnist states: “Americans are finding that not knowing Spanish can be a handicap, whether dealing with immigrants or schmoozing at a business lunch in the boss' native tongue,”
(Sharp, 2001). Many local law enforcement governments must use translator services when handling inmates. In Virginia, if a non-English speaking person is arrested and no translator is present, the law...

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