Com 150 Survival Guide Essay

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GEN 105 Student Survival Guide by: Sean R. Decker

As an Axia College Student enrolled in distance learning, I have learned a great deal in the past nine weeks that will be valuable while I earn my college degree. The following information is compiled to be used as a student survival guide; it will serve as an item I may resource throughout my educational experience and program. In this guide the following subjects will be covered: using Axia’s educational resources, upholding academic honesty, setting and achieving goals, managing time wisely, fostering reading comprehension and retention, and applying personality and learning styles. Axia College has a few online educational ...view middle of the document...

Once a paper is completed it may be submitted to the plagiarism checker through the library page. Once the results are in (this will be signified by a green check mark) check the report very carefully. Any more than 6 words in a row will require the student to give the writer credit by using quotation marks and, adding him or her to a reference page. Since several people over the years have been going to this school and answering the same questions this tool is very important and should be used on a consistent basis. If caught plagiarizing a paper the student will be removed from the course and, could possibly be removed from the school altogether. Once the paper or project has been submitted the paper to the plagiarism checker and the refresh key has been hit a few the report will show up. Read the report and if any of the paper is in red, that portion will have to be re written or, the writer will have to be given credit for their work. I have already submitted this paper once and had to fine tune it. The internet has several sites that offer papers to students, stay away from them, they are not a wise decision.

Setting and Achieving Goals

Setting and achieving goals is extremely important. One of the main things to keep in mind is the goals that are set must be realistic and the time line must be realistic as well. Set sub goals for each major goal and put a time line along with those as well. When setting career goals keep a few things in mind: Is this realistic? Will I be able to achieve this in that amount of time? What will I do if I fail? Keeping those in mind you will be able to set a realistic and achievable goal with sub goals. Some goals will have obstacles such as work or having to move. If you plan ahead enough most goals can be met with an open mind. Some obstacles may temporarily prevent you from reaching your goal but you should be able to meet some of your sub goals, and you can move the date of the main goal around to fit your schedule. My Axia degree is one of my goals, and I am giving myself one year to get it. With some luck I will achieve that earlier than one year, many obstacles have already gotten in the way but I set a...

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