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Com 155 Academic Essay

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Individuals without health insurance coverage have a harder time keeping up with their health, as opposed to individuals with insurance coverage. Americans’ without healthcare coverage have a harder time living happier productive lives than those who do have healthcare. Most American’s main reason for not having healthcare insurance is because they cannot afford the skyrocketing premiums. Approximately 47 million American’s are living without health insurance because they do not have extra expendable income at the end of each month. Congress created the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in order to increase the number of American citizens covered by health insurance companies and ...view middle of the document...

These pre-existing conditions that insurance companies do not cover are; Asthma, pregnancy, and chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes and many more prominent diseases. Other insurance companies will cover them but resulting in the patient having a shorter period of time of coverage or a higher premium.
Health insurance companies can determine what services are provided to you under your insurance plan. Health insurance companies may not cover things like medication or dental or vision services, making you pay more money for an extra healthcare plan. Also insurance companies can choose what doctors and specialist you see, and how much you will pay, and they will cover. In 2014 the new healthcare law will be completely implemented allowing for more Americans who do not have healthcare to obtain it or receive better healthcare coverage.
The Affordable Care Act allows for individuals to receive lower costing health insurance through the new Health Insurance Marketplace. When you use the Health Insurance Marketplace, you can find out if you can get lower costs on your monthly premiums for private insurance plans. You'll find out if you qualify for lower out-of-pocket costs like medications and other specialist visits. The new healthcare law allows for insurance companies to be more competitive by competing within the marketplace. Insurance companies will compete with other insurance companies by using the health insurance marketplace to sell their insurance plans online. Within the Health Insurance Marketplace you can compare options and answer a few simple questions to help determine your needs for insurance. This allows you to get the specialized in the Health insurance that fits your needs.
Another benefit that begins in 2014 is, the new healthcare law will help the consumer by having more protections against insurance companies. The health law currently implements the following laws for insurance companies. Covers dependents under the age of 26 on their parents’ insurance policy unless they are married. The law requires insurance companies to cover children with pre-existing health conditions. Insurance companies will be required to provide free- preventive care to their consumers. The law will end the lifetime and yearly dollar limits on coverage of essential health benefits. It also guarantees your right to appeal a decision made by your insurance company in the event you believe that they have made an unfair decision.
The Healthcare law also requires insurance companies to cover all American people with pre-existing health conditions by the year 2014....

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