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Animals are living beings that share the planets landscapes and resources just like humans. Humans view themselves as superior beings because of their higher level of intelligence and civilization. Survival of the fittest is a common phrase used to describe the triumph of those in better condition physically and mentally. However survival of the fittest is an excuse of the way humans treat animals and invade their habitats. What humans do to animals and animal habitats is not for survival, it is for the fulfillment of ones never ending desire for more riches. It is not the average man that abuses animals and animal habitats. It is the powerful and greedy people who want to own more ...view middle of the document...

Abusing animals and animal habitats is disrespectful. Humans must respect the boundaries between them and other species. All species need their space and that space should not be invaded by other species. Survival of the fittest is an expression referred to the triumph of the one with the superior mind or physical ability over the weaker and more inferior beings. This triumph is respected because it acknowledges that one must use whatever gifts are available to get what is needed. However humans are using these tools to get what they want, not need. Of all of the territory on the earth that is already settled and civilized few are heavily populated so there is plenty of space for everyone on the land that humans have already taken from animals. Humans are still tearing down rainforests and other precious habitats to species that already have few members left. Now how is it that animals far more inferior to human beings do not do these sorts of deeds for more land or more gains in other ways. Animals only conquer and devour when their lives depend on it. Humans are much more intelligent yet they are doing far more disrespectful things. Now as if destroying animal habitats was not enough, humans are also hurting animals that they themselves have made pets. Humans that have taken the responsibility to care and provide for another animal are abusing them with violence and neglect. Hurting wild animals that humans have no emotional connection to is somewhat understandable for people who have no heart or self-respect. To hurt an animal that one has taken in and become fond of is not only disrespectful, but also heartless. So if humans cannot take care of a pet then they should not own one.
Animal abuse is irresponsible. Humans are the most intelligent and technologically advanced species on earth. Humans have come a long way since cavemen used sticks to make fire and sharpened spears to catch their food. It has never been easier to be human. For the first decade or two, a human usually has providers to give and nurture any need that a human may have. Also a human can make a living and attain certain articles and a lifestyle of his/her choice. Humans can treat each other’s diseases in highly advanced ways, unlike any other species. As more time passes and technology becomes more in depth, humans make their lives easier in many ways. However the expense that was paid for humans to have these luxuries is big. Humans are the most intelligent and advanced species in the world, so it is man kind’s responsibility to protect and preserve the more inferior species. There are many humans that do help the cause of preservation of other animals. However the majority of mankind is still contributing to the destruction of animals and animal habitats. Therefore they are not fulfilling their responsibility. However humans should at least not reverse their responsibility. Instead of protecting animals humans are hurting and killing them by the millions. If...

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