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Com Study Guide Essay

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1. Communication Age- An age in which communication, technology, and media converge and deeply permeate daily life. (Convergence- the ways in which the many forms of technologically mediated and face-to-face communication overlap and intersect in our daily lives.)
2. Digital Natives- People for whom digital technologies already existed before they were born.
3. Digital Immigrants- People who have adopted and learned digital technologies later in life.
4. Communication- The collaborative process of using messages to create and participate in social reality. (Individual identities, relationships, organizations, communities, cultures, and ideas.)
a) Process
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14. Interaction Metaphor- Describes communication as a two-way process of reciprocal action. It takes the basic elements of transmission metaphor and adds two more important components: Feedback and Field of Experience.
15. Feedback- Refers to a receiver’s response to a sender’s message.
16. Fields of Experience- Refer to the attitudes, perceptions, and backgrounds each brings to communication.
17. Transaction Metaphor- Acknowledges that people are connected trough communication and that they accomplish something in communication that is beyond merely relaying messages back and forth.
18. Social Construction Metaphor- The communication model that stresses that communication shapes and creates the larger social realities in which people operate.
19. Communication Competence- Refers to the ability to communicate in a personally effective yet socially appropriate manner.
20. Connecting- Refers to the power of communication to link and relate us to people, groups, communities, social institutions, and cultures.
21. Engaging- Refers to the act of sharing in the activities of the group.
22. Communication Activism- Direct energetic action in support of needed social change for individuals, groups, organizations, and communities.
23. Perception- The process of being aware and understanding the world.
24. Selective Attention- The process of concentrating on one part of the environment while not paying attention to the rest.
25. Selective Exposure- Occurs when we expose ourselves only to beliefs, values, and ideas that are similar to our own.
26. Selective Perception- The process in which individuals filter what they see and hear to make it suit their own needs, biases, or expectations.
27. Selective Memory- The process of retaining and recalling certain bits of information from past interactions, while forgetting the rest.
28. Looking-Glass Self- Refers to the notion that the self arises from interpersonal interactions and the perceptions of others.
29. Self-Image- A person’s mental picture of himself or herself.
30. Self-Esteem- An individual’s assessment of his or her worth.
31. Schemas- Mental structures developed from past experiences that help us respond to some stimuli in the future. In other words, Schemas act as road maps to help us understand and classify the world around us.
32. Prototype- An image of the best example of a particular category.
33. Stereotypes- Are generalizations made to an entire group of people or situations on the basis of the observed traits of one or a few members of the group.
34. Interpersonal Constructs- Are bipolar dimensions of judgment used to size up people or social situations.
35. Scripts- Are organized sequences of action that define a well-known situation.
36. Listening- An active process of receiving and understanding messages received either through listening to words or by reading text.
37. Hearing- When...

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