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Com130 Preparations For Landing A Job As Network And Computer System Administrator

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Preparations for Landing a Job as Network and Computer System Administrator
COM 130
The motivating factor for my research into becoming a system administrator was first of all, to see how it would apply to myself in my current situation. Would it be realistic for me at my age to begin preparations to attempt to enter the field which I had coveted for many years? To that end, I ran a survey amongst my current contact list of friends and relatives focusing on the number of years people have spent outside of their current field of work before embarking on their current or final field of work. Something more specific to becoming a system ...view middle of the document...

All of the graphics on this report should be used as slides. The presenter would have to recite the presentation from memory as much as possible instead of reading it off a script.

The Job of System Administrator
A clarification of terminology should be made. The assignment called for research on becoming a network and computer system administrator. Over the years, the phrasing has changed where the words network and computer have become “assumed” in the phrase. In the I.T. field, when one speaks of becoming a system administrator, it is assumed that one means network and computer system administrator. This is evidenced by the fact more and more websites that broach this subject speak of system administrator as opposed to the longer phrase. One should acknowledge that legally speaking, system administrator could denote the administrator of a system of business practice, education, or possibly medicine. Be that as it may, for better or worse, due to the modern trend in business communication being heavily influenced by modern technology, such older definition of system is being slowly phased out. From this point, we will refer to the subject as system administrator.
As in any field of employment, there is competition to achieve the position or job title of system administrator. That competition is not necessarily in a head-to-head situation with a known opponent. Usually one will not get to see any rival competing or vying for the same job, unless all the candidates are called in to the site for an interview on the same day. By that time, it would be too late to take any action towards getting an edge over the rivals. The focus is on how to prepare for such a job or title of network and/or computer systems administrator.
Let us define what a system administrator is by laying out his job description. In general terms, if we go by the dictionary, a system administrator would be someone who manages or brings into use or operation the whole set of cabling and equipment that make up the local area network (LAN) existing or about to exist in a company or government entity. According to Schneider (2010), the focus of most system administrators would be the upkeep, upgrade, and maintenance of the servers. Grimes (2008) takes it up a notch further by including network equipment as well. To be specific, he discusses centralized data management in relation to a data center, but is definitely relevant to the computer network as a whole. He discusses using good network equipment like switches and hubs, anticipating growth of the network, effective use of TCP/IP (the network protocol used in the Internet), using quality equipment for KVM over IP (a secure way for the system administrator to do “remote control”), and having a plan set for replacing or adding more servers. My experience in the I.T. department of an accounting firm bears witness to this observation.
All this talk has been on physical equipment and software thus far....

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