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Coming To Age In Eudora Welty’s The Little Store

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Coming to Age in Eudora Welty’s The Little Store

Eudora Welty is one of the leading American writers of the twentieth century. In her work “The Little Store,” Welty recollects from her memories of growing up. She humbly admitted that she lived a “sheltered life” growing up in the South as a woman. From this perspective, Eudora writes her short story as a means to tell her passage into adulthood.

Growing up in the capital of Mississippi, Eudora lives only a few blocks from the capitol. She remembers from many different trips to the Little Store various moments of her childhood and compiles them into one trip. She encourages the reader by bringing realism ...view middle of the document...

After this relation, Eudora is not only telling of her childhood memories, but she also makes the readers remember his or her own. This causes them to remember their “facts of life and death” (82) as well.

Signs of Eudora’s perfectionist attitude emerge when she passes the house of her school’s principal. She remembers that the word “oblige” costs her a flawless score on a spelling examination. As an author, this is a very distinct word choice. Children are obliged by society to become mature when it is time, especially children of Eudora’s time period. Despite Eudora’s obligation, the uncertainties of adulthood still “scare [herself] into the store” (79).

Another sign of her perfectionism is seen when she recalls a story about a boy down the street named Lindsey. Eudora recalls how the two of them had influenza at the same time. Her focus on this memory is on a poem she wrote, in which Lindsey died from his illness. After telling her parents the poem, her mother cried in shame and her father told her it was not as funny of a poem as Eudora originally thought. Eudora tells this story as a means to show that she regrets her poem. Eudora then tells her audience that this story has stayed with her for her entire life, realizing that “it’s all the others along [her] way who are making themselves...

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