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Coming To Terms Essay

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Coming to Terms

It's not a light bulb that suddenly turns on. It's not a bolt of lightning that strikes you without pain. It's more like a boot; a steel toe boot that literally drops out of the sky and kicks you directly in the face, knocking out the majority of your teeth and smashing your nose into a bloody mess. That's more what it's like when you come to a realization. All that talk of a magical epiphany is left in the dust while the boot moves on to its next victim. It doesn't let you see through some new set of eyes; it dulls your other senses so that all you can do is see. You see what you've been missing for a long time. Being a person of many passionate convictions, its ...view middle of the document...

“Ah-ha! Free pens, colorful brochures, a cute paper alligator! Let the mind washing begin!”

As I sat through the first two power point presentations, I took notes on things I could readily attack. Instead I found myself scribbling down valid points and things I actually agreed with. Then, when the class started asking more questions, I felt like the lady who appeared out of no where was merely some PR super genius who had been sent in to deal with people who pried too deeply. My extreme passion flared inside of me. What do they mean we can't restore The Everglades to its original state? Haven't they thought of the possibility of making people move out? We have a responsibility to the survival of humanity, and that includes preservation of the environment. Just as I thought: another government institution set in place to make it look like they really care.

But then as we took the tour of the facility, I saw people who looked genuinely interested in the environment, such as the gentleman who told us about the control room. Then on the trip over to the STA's, our tour guides seemed to have a true passion for their jobs, especially the lead biologist who swore by the mission statement. I was immediately reminded of those characters from the movie Independence Day who worked in the secret Area 51 laboratories, truly dedicated to their field of study, not allowed out of their workplace. (These people that we encountered however, were obviously allowed out, though. Just to clear that up.)

It was when the female biologist was explaining the STA's up in the observation towers that the boot hit me. As the wind was smacking us, my first thought was that nature was upset that we aren't doing enough to help out. Then the steel toe smashed my face. Luckily enough, no one noticed. As the pieces of my teeth were falling apart, the pieces of this fractured day were finally coming together. In this biologist's voice, I heard the power of someone who was coupling her knowledge and love for the environment with the plentiful resources of the government....

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