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Comm 2060 Self Evaluation 1 Essay

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CMST 2060 34
In October, I attended a comedy event at the LSU Union Theatre. T.J. Miller and his companions hosted a stand-up comedy event for the students of LSU and anyone was welcome to attend free of charge. Miller and his friends’ purpose were to entertain the audience; however, there were many elements such as structure, content, and delivery attributing to the efficacy, direction, and purpose of their performances.
T.J. Miller did not adhere to a strict structural script within his performance. His performance was impromptu and minimally scripted. Therefore, a strict structure did not exist. Instead, his performance had a topical organization—jumping from idea to idea, ...view middle of the document...

For example, when he said a joke that was not humorous to the audience, he recognized this and redirected his observations elsewhere. In conceptual terms, he recognized the rhetorical background and made jokes that included familiar elements, whether it is school, drugs, or sex. However when his joke fell flat, he could recognize the audience’s exigence or feelings of concern or urgency and redirected their attention to another subject. Miller also seemed to be familiar with rhetorical constraints and used them to his advantage. For example, he had little knowledge of the Louisiana area, but used what he knew to relate with the audience and establish common ground to become comfortable with the audience and vice versa. By doing this, he was able to overcome internal constraints which can be defined as beliefs, attitudes, and values that must be changed if persuasion is to occur. Miller also used external constraints as props for his performance and used the external constraints as topics of humor. His performance was very entertaining and did a great job recognizing rhetorical constraints.
Miller’s style of delivery was very entertaining and positively enhanced his performance. His vocal qualities, mannerisms, and languages qualities were distinct yet varied. During...

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