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Comm 470 Week 1 Dq 1 Chapter 1 Of Electronic Commerce 2008 Introduces A Number Of Distinctions Between Different Types Of Organizations And Activities Related To The Virtual Economy—E Commerce Versus E Business, For

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WK 1 DQs
Please respond to each question (in the body of the email, not as an attachment) by 11:59 PM Friday, Arizona time. Each response is 150 - 200 words.  Be sure to use the correct thread and change the subject line to include your name.  Only use your name in the subject line of your initial DQ. When responding to others, change the subject line to reflect your message.

DQ 1
Chapter 1 of Electronic Commerce 2008 introduces a number of distinctions between different types of organizations and activities related to the virtual economy—e-commerce versus e-business, for example. How and where are these distinctions useful?
So first, we need to define the differences between ...view middle of the document...

Often times allowing small innovate businesses the upper hand.
These changes are also beneficial in personal lives. Where handicapped people were at one time dependent on caregivers, they can now assist themselves by engaging in the virtual market places.
DQ 2
Chapter 1 of Electronic Commerce 2008 introduces a number of distinctions between different types of transactions. Why is this important? What use is this distinction?
There are two main types of e-commerce transactions. Online shopping (the browser) and online purchasing (the buyer). If we are talking about business, in general there are several types of interactions.
Relationship based are:
B2B (business to business) Purchasing and procurement, supplier management, and inventory management.
C2C (consumer to consumer) Auctions, classified ads, games, jobs,
B2C (business to consumer) Sales, FAQ’s, Service and support, search
C2B (business to consumer) advocacy groups
Technology based are P2P (peer to peer) and M-commerce
While my favorite is P2P, I have not been able to build a site that uses P2P and make residual income. I like the interaction between consumers that are on the same level, but these are usually specific or niche geared. There are a few sites like FrostWire that are geared to the masses, but again the activities are specific. Most of the P2P sites that I build are family oriented like Family reunion or family tree and history sites.
One thing I have discovered is that advertisers love P2P sites for those same reasons. The more specific or niche oriented the site,...

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