Comments On The Documentary "Seeds Of The Sixties"

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"Seeds of the sixties"At first glance what this documentary expresses is the freedom that was very bluntly practiced in the sixties. They describe the strong beliefs that young people possessed at this time of confusion, passion and era of rebellion. As we further get into the film they give an explanation of the possible causation of this era, which would be the 1950's, and the social repression enforced at this time."The Baby Boom", was called the years in the 50's were there was an economical boom. People married young and began having families right away. The children from this generation were brought up in a so-called spoiled manner. ...view middle of the document...

Families were very inclined to seem what perfect. Television shows would be used to remind the population of what perfect seemed to be. Many of the roots of the sixties explosion was because of the placid "Family values" of the fifties. We can well understand that all this family values were meant to be broken in the sixties, especially the so called rules of conduct that were imposed by society (Obey authority, Control your emotions, Fit in with the group, and Don't even think about sex). Young people sound this repressive. In the sixties if what was more of a do your own thing and if it feels go do it kind of thing.The first signs of rebellion before the sixties was all about wearing leather, slicking the hair back and wearing tight skirts. Rock n' Roll and the referred to as "Black music" became very popular. Rock n' Roll was an act of rebellion against to what made life so tightening.When it was time of war there were atomic bomb attack warnings all the time. The country was living in fear. The young people were taught to think America was free but they saw different on TV. Discrimination against blacks was highly seen. Blacks and whites went to different schools. There was alot violence against them.The sixties was a time where all this repression and discrimination just exploded. Young people experimented violating all the rules and going against authority. I believe this was just a cry for help out of all the repressions and the frustrations that had developed from the seeds, which was the fifties.

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