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Commercial Vices Gambling, Prostitution, And Drugs

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Commercial VicesThe commercial vices are gambling, prostitution, and drugs. Theappeals of the commercial vices are so strong and widespread thatattempts to prohibit them in western countries have always failed.The evils of these vices are threefold: Those who practicethem suffer, the criminals who sell them prosper, and the enforcementorganizations are expensive, unsuccessful, and often corrupt.Two commercial vices have been accepted as unstoppable, butthere evils have been minimized by legalization and regulation. These are theparticular drug, alcohol, and gambling. Ethyl alcohol, the drug in beer,whiskey, and wine does more harm is causing accidents, overdose deaths,job failures, broken homes, and violence than all other drugs combined.The United States attempted to prohibit ...view middle of the document...

Consumption of legal alcohol became onlyslightly greater than the consumption of illegal alcohol had been.If we follow the alcohol example with all other drugs, the benefits will obtain.Much more than that, the temptation of the forbidden fruits will disappear. The jailing ofpetty drug pushers will stop, together with their training as future serious criminals in thecrime schools which are jails. If we transfer the huge sums wasted on efforts and onpunishment to serious education and rehabilitation programs, the drug problem will retreatto the trivial level it was fifty years ago.At one time all but private gambling at home was illegal. So the Mafia ranthe numbers rackets and secret games and the bookmaking where law abiding citizensdid their unstoppable gambling. Now governments run lotteries and license and supervisecasinos so the gangsters are largely out, cheating in minimal, and governments earnrevenue instead of paying police.Prostitution is an even more emotional problem. Addiction to sex is genetic,permanent, and deprivation has many more penalties. Prostitution is the worlds oldestprofession. Here, again, legalization and regulation in Nevada was already eliminatedthe pimps and gangsters and reduce the police force. With medical examinations andlicensing of the practitioners, there will be a radical reduction in the spread of venereldiseases, including aids. For those already diseased there can be a matching ofbuyer and seller by coding there license cards.In conclusion, the government will take any law they can't enforceand turn it around in order to make and save money. But they are also makingless jobs for the police and other law enforcement agencies. I believe that inthe end this way of doing things will more than likely hurt us overall.

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