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Commercialism Essay

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"David, have you seen the new commercial for the Jordan XVII shoes?" For young adults that like to keep up with the latest fashion, "Jordan," is one of the most talked about around households. This is highly influenced by commercialism. Commercialism has a major impact on society. We are what makes advertising what it is today. Our lives revolves around commercialism whether we realize it or not. In today's society, commercialism tends to use professional athletes, and celebrities, which are two of the most popular tactics, as a way to sell products, and catch the eye of viewers.Commercialism focuses on advertisements that an intended audience can relate to. Most of the commercial ads that ...view middle of the document...

The use of professional athletes and celebrities in commercial ads have increased in the past couple of years. Products from these ads have also increased in sales because professional athletes and celebrities are the tactics that are the most talked about and the most eye-catching.Commercialism is highly talked about in society; good and bad. Whether we like it or not, advertising will always have it's part in society. Personally, I agree with commercialism. Somebody has got to do it. It's a job. "The more we react to advertising, either by buying stuff or by rallying against it, the more we are sending the message that they are getting through to us" (Wolfson). This statement was made in a conversation in an online forum about commercialism. I agree with the statement, but who is going to step up to the challenge? You may do the small things such as, stop watching television, stop reading the newspaper, or stop listening to the radio. For example, with the Reebok commercial. It is advertising a basketball shoe. The sport of basketball involves a...

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