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Comms 101 Informative Speech

995 words - 4 pages


COMS 101-037
Date Due: October 17,2012

Organization: Topical
Audience analysis: College aged Men and Women. Including Caucasians and African Americans from various states within the United states in a class room setting.
Topic: Misdiagnosis
Rhetorical Purpose: To inform my audience about Misdiagnosis.

I. Attention-getter
Picture this. It is a beautiful August day and you are at your pediatrician’s office for a physical, before soccer pre-season begins next week. After running some tests, the doctor leaves to evaluate them. You patiently wait in the room for him to return and when he does, he looks concerned. “you have 3 months ...view middle of the document...

Main Point 1. Misdiagnosis can cause delayed treatment of the accurate illness.
A. Example
• A mother of four died after doctors missed 30 chances to diagnose her cervical cancer.
• Despite consultations with her GP and doctors at three hospitals, her cervical cancer was repeatedly misdiagnosed as a potential torn ligament, protruding discs, sarcoma and ‘nerve pain’. By the time medics realised the accountancy student – whose youngest child is only two – was suffering from advanced uterine cancer of the cervix, it was too late.
• She died at a hospice in July – eight months after a blood test first raised concerns.
Parenthetical Citation: ('I'm dying': Harrowing screams of a mother, 33, filmed by her family after doctors missed cancer THIRTY TIMES, Anna Hodgekiss, 10 October 2012)
E. Once you start down one of these clinical pathways," Dr. Bergsagel said, "it's very hard to step off."
F. What the doctors didn't know was that the boy had a rare form of the disease that chemotherapy does not cure. It makes the symptoms go away for a month or so, but then they return. Worst of all, each round of chemotherapy would bring a serious risk of death, since he was already so weak.

II. Studies of autopsies have shown that doctors seriously misdiagnose fatal illnesses about 20 percent of the time. So millions of patients are being treated for the wrong disease.

A. Another example, illustration, statistic, comparison, quote from an expert or other supportive material that supports or illustrates Main Point 1 (Parenthetical Citation, if this came from a source).
B. If needed, another example, illustration, statistic, comparison, quotes from an expert, or other supportive material that supports or illustrates Main Point 1 (Parenthetical Citation, if this came from a source).

IV. Main Point 2. Works with the other main points to develop the purpose statement. State it as a complete sentence. Be sure it consists with the chosen organizational pattern you identied above.
A. An example, illustration, statistic, comparison, quote from an expert or other supportive material that supports or illustrates Main Point 2...

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