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Communicating Through Your Computer Essay

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Communicating Through Your Computer

I have heard the dangers of meeting people through the new technology of cyberspace. Through the media I have heard events in which females are missing, stalked, or raped for giving away their personal information to strangers through computers. I can recall a situation when I heard about a young teen girl agreeing to meet a male whom she thought was about her age. She agreed to meet him secretly, thinking that she was going to meet her love of her life. She took the bus and headed out east to meet this "prince". To the girl her life did not end like most fairy tales. The "prince" turned out to be the "big bad wolf"- a 42-year old just released from ...view middle of the document...

Communicating in chat rooms can lead into friendships or romance, helpful for the individuals who are shy, troubled or disabled.

I was lonely and did not have any friends when I moved from home to attend the university. I would go to the library and see students communicate with other individuals through the computer. I was curious to see how one could interact a conversation with others through the chat rooms. I entered through one of the popular web providers- and opened an account. I browsed through the chat room channels. To my amazement there were different chat rooms for everybody. There were rooms that fitted with each individual's concerns or topics and a way to discuss with others who were concerned in the same subject. The rooms went from places to ethnicity to ages and sports and leisure's. I entered a room called Los Angeles.

I began to converse with a young fellow from San Francisco, we will call him Ronny. We were able to talk or better yet exchange our thoughts through our keyboards and screen. Ronny told me his goals and problems and I in exchange did as well. We began a friendship and began to e-mail each other as well. Ronny encouraged me and made me feel comfortable in my new environment (away from home). Slowly we began to converse less with each other. I was busy with school and he as well and we lost touch. Although I had never met him or alone spoke to him on the phone I was able to express myself without feeling embarrassed or shy. I felt his friendliness helped me out in tough situations and even though we lost communication he had helped me get back on my feet.

Having a friendship or just a conversation with un-known individuals is a fun way to express your-self. There are people, like myself who are shy and have difficulty in interacting with people. Although, the communication with Ronny did not last long I was able to feel comfortable in my new environment.

I again began to participate in a chat room. I opened an account at and participated in their chat rooms in my interest of the Spanish language. I wanted to go to a place where I could relate with other individuals. The language, culture, and people fitted in this chat room where I again met several friends. One of these friends stood out the most. His name was Jorge, a twenty-five year old who lived close by where I lived. We began to exchange information about ourselves. We realized we had many interests and dislikes in common. We chatted privately and emailed each other for a while. After three months he asked for my phone number. I was hesitant for a moment thinking about what if this guy turned out to be a criminal, stalker or a feeling that would make me regret in giving my phone number. I realized that I wanted to hear what his voice was like and gave him my number. We spoke on the phone for about two months. Our conversations dealt with us telling each other experiences in our lives (funny, sad, relationships, etc.)...

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