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Communication 356 Essay

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I was born and raised in a small city of Viet Nam. My dad was hoping I would be a boy rather than a girl because of my two older sisters. To his dismay, I am the third and youngest daughter in my family. Though my dad’s intensions were for me to be a boy, therefore he raised me to be a strong person. He taught me how to fixed things around the house, maintain my motorcycle when it broke down, took me to all types of sporting events, and bought me a lot of boy type clothing when I was growing up. Growing up like this has impacted my life; for instance, it is easy for me to adapt to different environments that may not be familiar to me. I grew up much stronger than my two older sisters because ...view middle of the document...

However, I believed that incident has made me into a much stronger and better person because I studied harder, live my life by doing more positive things, helping people around me, and being a good friend and never asked nothing in return. My outlook on life was changed that day of the accident.
I came to the United States in September 2009 and had a hard time to relate with other people like my co-workers and classmates that were from different backgrounds other than Asian. I believe that their first impression of me was a cold, arrogant, and difficult person to talk to. The book mentions: “We began with the assumption that intercultural communication is an embodied experience. Since our engagement with others is through our bodies, we looked at how differences are marked on the body-how our bodies are signed that communicate-in the socially constructed systems of race, gender, and class that impact global and local intercultural interactions.” On the other hand, it was difficult for me to...

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