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Communication Essay

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Carl Brazier
Mr. John Anderson
Interpersonal Communications – CA 104
17 July 2005
Interpersonal Communications
In the movie Independence Day, directed by Roland Emmerich and released in 1996, the characters of Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum have an exchange of words while preparing to head off in a spacecraft to fight the aliens which ends with Will Smith saying “we have got to work on our communication skills!” Improving our communication skills is a continuous cycle for which we must strive and takes a lifetime of commitment. Interpersonal communication is a facet to our everyday lives. Analyzing several entries from my journal for my Interpersonal Communications on-line class, I ...view middle of the document...

Her hits as a brunette and red head were meager, at best. As a blonde, she had a whopping 10 hits in just a mere 45 minutes. Her article concluded that “blondes win big time.” I beg to differ! This is a myth with no scientific basis for such a claim. Blondes don’t have any more fun that the rest of the hair colors. The fabrication of this is just propagated to keep us giggling and therefore not rising up to our full potential. The dangerous stereotyping of blondes in today’s society is not uncommon. There are blondes out there who are not known for their intelligence. One prime example is Anna Nicole Smith. She has gone out of her way to make sure blondes get categorized as “ditzy” or “dumb.” As a natural blonde myself, I have had to work hard to overcome this stereotype and be taken seriously. In order to prove myself, when I went to an intense academic course for my new career field last fall I colored my natural blonde roots to a dark, reddish-brown. I went to school and no one was any the wiser. It wasn’t until I actually disclosed the state of my natural hair color to a select few of my classmates that I felt embarrassed by the lengths I had gone to in order to stifle that certain perception. After being in my new career field for 8 months now and feeling like I have finally established my credibility I recently went back to my blonde roots. Finally, I felt liberated!
Self-disclosure refers to your communicating information about yourself to another person (DeVito 71), occurs in all forms of communication and can differ depending on the type of relationship. It involves risk and vulnerability on the part of the person sharing. “To share ourselves with others is to give others the greatest gift we have to share – ourselves – our hopes, our dreams, our fears, or loves” (Powell). Specifically relating this topic to my journal entry I was the recipient of a young subordinate of mine disclosing she was having serious financial difficulties. Her disclosure, talking about her troubling situation, seemed to have relieved her internal stress. I’d also like to think that her disclosure was a sign of trust and a signal for some help and guidance. My job at that point was simply to be on the receiving end, be patient for her to disclose the information in her own way and in her own time. I extended my support to her and reinforced that with her disclosure we could now find resolution. With her positive feedback, in only a few days we got her finances right back on track.
Interpersonal communication is made up of both good and bad communication. Throughout the interpersonal communication process, you exchange feedback—messages sent back to the speaker concerning reactions to what is said (qtd. DeVito 13). Giving and receiving clear, concise, constructive feedback requires skill and is essential to motivating your team. Both positive and negative feedback is essential to guiding your team towards a specific...

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