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Communication And Collaboration Paper

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Developing a strategy for effective communication and collaboration is essential when working together as a team. Understanding each team member’s learning styles and personality types are essential for team assignments. In determining ones individual learning styles and personality type assessments are conducted. Assessments provide information on one’s strengthen and weaknesses. Assessment is a means to understand a role he or she possesses as well as what each individual is capable of bringing to the group. Throughout life assessments changes as an individual grows and matures. Assessments are an excellent way to create new paths and possibilities in life. Despite what the assessment will ...view middle of the document...

Intrapersonal learning style is an individual who understands one’s own behavior and feelings. Intrapersonal individuals enjoy quiet study and the feeling of independence (Carter et al., 2007). The ability to keep a journal and expound on one’s own feeling is also a trait of intrapersonal.
Equally as important as learning styles, personality types are significant as well in an individual. Understanding one’s personality type allows an individual to understand how he or she reacts to occurrences around them (Carter et al., 2007). One personality type is a thinker, thinkers go far and beyond boundaries, they are problem solvers as well as they explore different avenues. Some study techniques that maximizes the thinker’s abilities are they are problem solvers, they approach issues from a different angle, and instead of redoing a task they try to complete it right the first time. A thinker in a team group has benefits that some groups may not have because thinkers think outside of the box and bring new information to the group.
Pursuing this further, organizer is another personality type that is important when combining team groups. Organizers are detail-oriented people who are responsible and reliable (Carter et al.,...

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