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Communication And Crisis Paper

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Communication and Crisis
October 17, 2012

Communication and Crisis
As the director of the regional Emergency Management Office, I have been receiving certified information that the public’s water supplies of several cities in the region have become contaminated with a deadly biological agent. The crisis of contaminated water supply is an extremely delicate situation. The load of this situation for our towns lives are in huge danger. So far there have been a number of people rushed to the emergency room with these symptoms believed to be caused by the water supply being contamination. This has not yet been confirmed as the reason for the visit at this time. ...view middle of the document...

to put a group together that will be collaborating inside and outside the organization during this disaster. Inside the way we will handle this situation will be making sure we have a crisis plan and we will have all staff properly trained in this case we have come involved in. We will also make sure that every staff member will know the proper procedure how to handle the situation without panic. We will contact the media at the appropriate time. Being the emergency management I have to be careful on what we say to the media and the public and the town. Communication method can be the most important within the media and public to be able to keep our community calm and not panic.
Possible benefits and tasks related with collaborating within the institute and with the public and private regions during this crisis. Changes in communication procedures used in emergencies. We have to make sure that everyone is on the same page with the social media, television, radio stations because we do not want our community in an up roar that may occur in a panic attack. We will take advantage of the appropriate use of suitable technology for example social media, affecting communication during this crisis situation. Social media is websites that enables operators to construct and share content or to join in social interactions (Merriam-Webster, 2014).
Social media will be big parts of letting the town know what we came up with, and for the town to know the truth about the polluted water in their town. We will use the newspaper, email, radio stations and television to broadcast information that we will find as soon as possible. With using all sources of media will help us to get the information about this disaster out to our community. A major challenge is making sure that all facts is kept in-house and not released to the public until the emergency management director permits it. There are certain characteristics of the amount of the damage, casualty list, environmental damage, and other issues that the public does not need to be familiar with until a full assessment has been done. Also, knowing who to talk to and what to say with each group because...

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