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Communication And Information Technology Essay

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Communication & Information Technology
Stephanie Heydon
Axia College of University of Phoenix
Health Care Communication Strategies
Paul Wing
February 21, 2011

Communication & Information Technology
Many changes have occurred within the health care system. The biggest changes occurring within this system have been in communication and technology. Before these changes, hospitals and health care facilities kept their medical records in an area the size of a library. Now, these same medical records can be housed within a single computer.
Health care communication technology is a way for providers to better manage and improve on how health care information is stored and ...view middle of the document...

Paper-based medical records take up a large amount of space which can be used for something else. Another benefit of using EMRs is that they are stored in one place; a computer. Paper-based records can be hard to read, hard to find and are sometimes incomplete. Maintaining an information trail is essential when it comes to having a medical audit or performing research. The electronic medical records system can allow this to happen. An EMR system can provide integrated support for a wide range of discreet services. There are many advantages for using an EMR system; there are also several disadvantages.
Widespread implementation of EMRs has been hampered by many barriers. Technical matters are one of the biggest disadvantages of using an EMR system. The financial impact is another concern for those wanting to implement the system. The initial cost of implementing an EMR system is quite high. Some other disadvantages of using an EMR system are the training involved in using the system, confidentiality, and incompatibility between systems. These disadvantages are a big concern for some providers and have stopped them from using an EMR system.
Consumer Impact
Consumers play a huge part in an EMR system and should feel comfortable in knowing that their health information is protected. However, this is not the case. Consumers are worried about the use of electronic medical records. This is due to the fact that computers can be accessed by hackers and others who should not have access to their protected health information. Communication between the consumer and the provider are also a concern. Consumers should be aware that every step will be taken to ensure that their health information is...

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