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Communication And Management Crisis Essay

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Communication to Manage Crisis
Communication to Manage Crisis

Those who work in hospitals have to face crisis. It may happen in the emergency room or even in the manager’s office. Hospital employees need to be ready for such events. Coombs 1999 states that no organization can guarantee that they will not have any crisis. According to Reynolds 2006, crisis may occur internally or externally for the organization but when it occurs people’s lives may be at stake and at the same time the reputation of the company may get jeopardized. During crisis communication as well as improper communication can play a great role. For lack of communication right things may not be done and crisis ...view middle of the document...

Also I should ensure that the true picture is being passed to all patients and their relatives. A crisis plan should be adopted fast as such events need immediate response. I have to ensure that panic does not spread inside the organization. My response should be quite quick to accommodate every positive move in time. As the director I have to have control over the information flow to the public. What information is being passed outside should be monitored well so that no false news gets published. The media should know who to contact for information and they have to spread the news of what we are doing inside to tackle the crisis. During the whole process all the stakeholders including the media, employees, patients, relatives and shareholders should be kept calm. If needed, we may have to take people to another safe place. Evacuation plan should be ready. This can take some time and outside help from supporters and well-wishers. A strategic plan for what actions to be taken will direct us to the right direction to handle the crisis. All departments need to be trained in communication strategies so that they can respond accordingly during crisis. All the departments have to be active to prevent any harm to patients and employees. When there is a plan for any probable crisis, we are always reminding ourselves of risks to avoid. M.W.Seeger suggests that this can help employees stay conscious with checkpoint for putting off crisis. This also fosters mindfulness. We can make use of different crisis communication planning templates available such as FEMA, CDS’s Crisis and Emergency Risk communication outline, and Coombs’ Crisis Communication Planning template. These templates can offer great beginning to have customized plans. These can tell what to think of and what elements to include in the crisis plan and how the progress can be monitored. Team members should be assigned different responsibilities; information release process can be outlined with right verification system; how other agencies would coordinate with the organization should be planned; and communication channels need to be identified beforehand. According to Penrose (2000), large organizations can survive a crisis even without detailed crisis plan but most of the small scale organizations (about 80% of them) fail to cope up without such plans. For the smaller companies it takes only two years after the major crisis to finish off as a company.

I want to establish an approach of crisis management that uses communication as a tool. Crisis communication may have different facets of it and these may not be matching with one another in some cases but the goal should be to minimize harm of all levels. I will not hesitate to call all the different departments so that all types of risks can be assessed and defended. At first I should call MDCH or Michigan health community department as the concern is health related. I think they will come with American Biological Safety Association as...

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