Communication And Media Essay

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Communication and Media
Being in a conversation, we always think what or how we should say something. In relation to language and communications, we mainly think about the things that need to be said directly and clearly as precise as possible. Often times, people don’t realize what is being said from his or her own mouth to the point where the listeners couldn’t understand a thing. English language and other languages are bound to evolve due to technology and media to further languages usage, literacy and communication. People, especially students, are having a clearer communication because of social media and technology. Using like, in any form, is said to be useful in everyday ...view middle of the document...

Students who mostly use social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more are the ones who mostly use improper language in text or speech form and yet they are not illiterate. A research was conducted that most students were writing a lot today than the previous years while texting, emailing and using social media sites. This shows that students are being benefited from using those media sites. Students are aware enough when to use them, and how to utilize them to further their knowledge. Although young people nowadays use a so-called “abbreviations” and “acronyms” for some words, they know when to use it and whom to use it for. Although these acronym and abbreviated words are not clearly and concisely spelled out, they are still understandable.
I’ve heard many people, especially parents, who argued that these media are making their kids illiterate, but it’s the other way around. Media and social sites are not only there for sociality, but also for people to better understand that communication is not always about concision and clarity. Yes, it is definitely better to be able to express your ideas in a concise and clear proper English, however, it doesn’t limit you to that one thing only. Although Simon says in his essays that communication must be in proper English, conversing with someone clearly and understandably in any way, can also be done.
Simon also points out how language is slowly deteriorating due to improper uses of English language grammars (15,16). Simon is very adamant in spreading and teaching proper English which he believes that most people will benefit in. However, not all people are using proper English grammar anymore. It is not because of the inability to recognize grammars but simply because people talk in a more comfortable, more convenient and easier way. An example of this would be the word “like”. Many people, young and old, are using it for quite a time now. They’ve been using it because it’s comfortable and helpful. The word “like” has definitely many uses and meanings. David Grambs states that the word “like” is an additive word that has many definition and uses. This one word that means different kind of things makes the English language invalid. However, like what Grambs identifies in his own essay about “like”,...

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