Communication And Personality In Negotiation Essay

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Communication and Personality in Negotiation
Frank Pellicci
University of Phoenix
September 27, 2012
James Welch

Communication and Personality in Negotiation
A situation happened, involving negotiation and three personalities in purchasing a 2001 Ford Explorer at the dealer price of $6900. This happened in late September 2009 at a local Honda dealer. After spending two weeks going to major automobile dealers and used car lots around the city, a used Ford Explorer was in the used car lot of a Honda dealer. Stopping to look at the Explorer brought out a ...view middle of the document...

Suggesting a few miles on surface streets and going on the freeway to let the Ford show its power. The salesperson turned on the radio and shifted from AM to FM programming. Then turned on the air-conditioning and left the radio turned on. After driving the surface streets, it was time to test the Explorer on the freeway. As the vehicle came to the onramp of the freeway, the radio and the air-conditioning was turned off. The Explorer merged into traffic with power and ease of handling. The salesperson was complimenting on how the Explorer was handling and said the sticker price was well below the suggested retail price of the used Ford. Explaining how it looked as if the Explorer were a perfect match, trying to get an emotional response, the salesperson turned the air-conditioning to full power, saying this is the coldest air-conditioning in any used vehicle on the lot. Explaining the Explorer’s engine wasa tuned, the oil changed, washed, and waxed. The test drive showed the vehicle was in good condition considering the year of its manufacturing. Turning into the Honda dealership, parking the vehicle the bargaining began.
The purpose of buying the Explorer was a journey from California to Montana with a time limit of nine days. Two days to arrive at the destination and two days for the return to California, which would leave seven days to spend at the destination. The vehicle to purchase for the trip had to be reliable and comfortable. The round-trip would encompass a minimum of 2800 miles, extra mileage for sightseeing. The budget for the vehicle was $4800. Insurance for the vehicle would be extra and Triple AAA was a necessity for such an extended trip.
Without giving the salesperson the details of the need for the Explorer, the minuses of why not to buy the vehicle was brought to the bargaining table. In looking at the exterior it was apparent there were many dents and scratches. The driver side door had a dent, which interfered with opening and closing the door. The inside the driver side door had a hole in the metal, where the electric motor to the automatic window is located, which indicated overuse. The odometer showed 90,000 miles, although the condition of the interior showed otherwise. The front seats made of leather and had rips, wear, and tear of a vehicle with much more mileage. Projection occurs when people assign to others the characteristics or feelings that they possess themselves. “Projection usually arises out of a need to protect one’s own self-concept—to see oneself as consistent and good.” (Lewecki, Saunders, & Barry, 2005,...

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