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Communication And Soft Skills Essay

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Learning from the Myers-Briggs psychological types, I was graded as ENFJ with 35% in Extraversion, 50% Intuition, 75% Feeling and 22% judgment. ENFJ are drawn to strong personalities, concern and altruism, eager to speak when needed; external human situations are easily being motivated, primarily by other people. ENFJ prefer a work setting that contains conscientious , cooperative, values-oriented people who work at helping others and want to be close to the action, working most effectively in setting that are friendly, sensitive to human needs. ENFJ tend to operate an actual facts and realities, linking thinks to be organized. In workplace ENFJ tends to enjoy being a leadership position and will often. Enthusiastically present own ideas and gain support .Encourage input and consider all ideas. Assist others in planning and working together to achieve their goals. Create ...view middle of the document...

Focus on identifying and responding to the needs of others. Believe people work together most effectively when following procedures. Require an environment that supports social interaction among coworkers . Require positive feedback and encouragement

However ENFJs will often… • Struggle with incorporating details and creating a realistic project plan • Avoid conflict and experience difficulty working within a competitive environment • Hesitate to request help from others and benefit from delegating tasks • Struggle with completing tasks that contradict their values • Need to evaluate the ability to complete a task before accepting a project • Difficulty in accepting criticism • May make hasty decisions 3. The Extrovert appreciates the listening ear and calm and steady demeanor of the Introvert partner. The Extrovert enjoys the fact that can share about life openly to someone who is so willing to listen actively. The Extrovert may also admire the ability of the Introvert to seem so self-reliant, not requiring any external stimulation or social activity to function effectively. The Sensing partner enjoys the brilliance and intelligence of the Intuitive partner; the Sensing partner enjoys seeing new and different perspective to everyday issues when they engage the Intuitive in conversation. They may also be attracted to the Intuitive partner’s creativity and imagination. ENFJ and ISTP share all functions in common, enjoy calmness, slacking and being lazy for a while, value politeness and being kind to one another, pretty much the same in morals. ENFJs may not feel an immediate connection with ISTP, but on getting to know each other, they will likely found out that there are some important things in common, as well as some things to teach one other. Although ENFJs and ISTP types may not attract each other initially, their relationships present a lot of potential to complement and learn from each other.

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