Communication Channel Scenarios Essay

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Communication Channel Scenarios
Michelle Gregory
MGT/521 Management
Richard Alexander

Communication Channel Scenario I
The Communication channel that the team decided to use for entering the new scenario I beverage into the global market would be television / media. Since the beverage has done so well in the sports arena, it would be a wise decision to market this new beverage globally, via media sports advertising. We believe that this channel would be the best choice in this situation because of the global reach of television and sports related activities. The Communication channel that will be used to convey the strategy to the Vice President of Operations would be a face to face meeting with a Power Point Presentation of the plan in ...view middle of the document...

This channel would be the best in this situation because it’s quick, and this situation needs an immediate resolution because of the possible impact it will have on the company and the customers if not resolved in a timely manner. Since only one employee notified the manager of the user-id / password situation all employees would be contacted via telephone and electronic mail as a backup. Telephonic communication was the best choice in this situation because it was imminent to reach all employees with the new user-id/password in order to avoid any major setbacks for the company.

Communication Channel Scenario III
The communication channel that would be used in this scenario would be to call an office meeting to be attended by all employees. This way you can notify employees of the financial situation that the company is facing and address concerns if any from the employees. I feel this communication channel is better because it’s more personal and the reduction is going to affect everyone in the company and you want your employees to understand that this is the best solution to keep the company afloat. The employees that will be let go will be notified personally in a private setting. This communication channel is best suited for this situation because the employee being laid off deserves to have the exit interview from the employer and maybe there will be room for rehire when business picks up.
In conclusion, based on all three scenarios a different type of communication channel was used each time. The scenarios used were Television/media, face to face, telephonic and e-mail. The scenarios proved that every situation may warrant a type of communication that will address the current problem’s faced and the best way in which it may be resolved.

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