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Communication Cylce For Effective Management Communication

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1.1 Explain the relevance of the communication cycle for effective communication in the management

a) What is communication

Communication is the simple act of transferring information from one place to another. Senders and receivers are of vital importance for the success of the communication process. Communication comes in various forms and more than one form may occur at any time. The different categories of communication are:

- Verbal communication
face to face, telephone, radio, television

- Non-verbal communication
body language, gestures, how we dress or act

- Written communication
letters, e-mails, books, magazines, internet

- Visual communication
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This cycle involves:

- aiming at what is wanted to be said
- how it is said
- the intention of saying it
- followed by an expected interpretation and response to the message.

c) Explain how the communication cycle works

As already explained briefly above, the five important and significant stages in the communication cycle are:

- the message creation;
- the transmission of the message;
- assuring its reception;
- its translation; and
- the response (feedback).

The communication cycle refers to the process by which a message is developed and sent to the recipient through a selected channel.

The first stage in the communication cycle is the creation of an idea or the message. This is the encoding stage wherein we aim what we want to say, how we are going to say it and what we want the recipient to do with the information received. It is the process by which the sender decides what they want to communicate. At this stage, the sender also needs to select the appropriate channel through which to convey this information. The sender, also at this stage, needs to consider the language, the level of difficulty and the various levels of formality they will be conveying their message.

The second stage is the message transmission. At this stage, the sender needs to assume that the intended message will be communicated at the right time. This process may be as simple as meeting with the recipient and orally communicate the information desired, or communicate with the intended recipient over the phone, according to the media chosen in the first stage for conveying this information. This process may also involve the use of e-mail or written communication, besides verbal communication, however, written communication is more complex in view of delayed response.

The third stage is the reception stage which involves the exchange of communication responsibilities between the sender and the recipient. The receiver obtains the information by reading the information in the written format or listening attentively and carefully to the message when delivered orally. During this stage, the receiver needs to be concentrating on the message that is being conveyed, rather on what to reply, in order to totally receive the message from the...

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