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Communication Human Relations Essay

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Communications/ Human Relations Essay
John Smith
Grand Canyon University: EDA-575
January 28, 2013

Human Relations
In all fields and disciplines of study, indeed in all aspects of life, human relations and communication play a pivotal role. They allow for the simplest exchanges and the most profound and powerful ability to make progress and improvements. They carry the weight of ideas, opinions, motivations, and concerns. Human relations and the ability to communicate effectively are the catalyst for connectivity and progress. This is especially true in the arena of education. With so many people involved in the day to day running of a school, positive communication is ...view middle of the document...

There are also numerous theories surrounding communication and the importance of communicating effectively as an educational administrator. Within the scope of an administrator’s job, communication is an essential skill (Razik & Swawnson, 2010). There are certain principles of effective communication that are persistent in many theories of communication with the overall theme being that effective communication, in its various forms is the catalysts for school success. Via three separate narratives and independent research, this collaborative essay explores the positive and negative aspects of communication theory and human relations in several school environments.
Human Relations Theory
The term human relations is a broad term that applies to all interactions of people in all types of endeavors, including business, government, clubs, schools, and homes.  Interactions at work, with colleagues and management are called Employee Interactions.  Human relations focus on the human behavior at work and making an effort to produce better results in the workplace (Razik & Swanson, 2010).
Studies performed in the past have stated that human beings are rebellious, greedy, aggressive and uncooperative. Not all people believe this.  Some people believe that it is natural for human beings to be self-motivated and self-controlled, although behavioral reactions are influenced by the way other people treat those (Razik & Swanson, 2010). Embracing the latter point of view, an optimistic human relations approach and motivational style, has proven to be a positive approach to educational leadership and management.
Within the study of human relations our group discussed theories of motivation and leadership and the various benefits. A system that various members saw as being effective and beneficial was the Pygmalion Leadership approach. This leadership approach involves consistent encouragement, educator/employee support, and reinforcement of high expectations for educators and staff members.
While this management style is not used at all of our individual schools, those of who have experience working under it and those of us who researched and study it agree that for it to be effective, sustainable, and successful it has to be used exclusively and all four of the guiding factors associated with the leadership style must be applied. This idea is supported by Razik and Swanson, “Pygmalion leadership is effective only when it functions in all four interrelated dimensions” (Razik & Swanson, 2010, p. 107). These dimensions or factors, are what creates a positive working environment, and ultimately a successful school, when utilizing the Pygmalion leadership style. The factors include an innovative system of support between administrators and educators, meaningful and timely feedback, relevant professional development, and opportunities to be challenged and grow within your field. When leadership takes the time to combined these four elements with...

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