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Communication Lan Essay

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Change Management and Communication Plan

Riordan Manufacturing is a very large company. Because of this, Riordan is made up formal and informal power structures. Companies typically have an organizational chart that lists the relationship and ranks of positions within the company. Formal power may refer to position on the corporate ladder, corporate structure or even job function. The most powerful person in your department is not necessarily your manager. Informal power in an organization refers to the ability to lead, direct or achieve without an official leadership title. The power and political structure of the organization does affect employee behavior.Interaction between various ...view middle of the document...

Many employees do not like change. One of the main reasons they do not like it is because they fear it. Some of the strategies to ensure that changes go over well would be to keep the employees informed of what the changes are and what they are going to accomplish for them as well as for the company. Give them plenty of notice to get on board with the changes and to learn what is going to be expected of them. In order to implement changes over the next 12 months it is necessary to start introducing the changes now. Employees should be able to review the changes, give their input on to whether or not they think these changes are going to work, and provide ideas on how to make the transition easier for everyone.
The success or failure of planned changes will be evaluated by the senior managers. There will need to be questions answered as follows:
Have these changes made the employees more efficient? Are these changes effective in achieving the end result that was desired? Does everyone that has had to implement these changes seem to be taking them in stride? If the answers are yes to these questions I would think that the changes have been successful. If the answers to any or all of the questions are no, there should be a review on what will make the changes work.

Method | Strength | Potential Barrier |
Memo – Provide digital and hard copies of policy changes for employees to review and formulate ideas. | Quickest way to distribute the information. Reaches everyone at one time and reduces distribution time. | Employees see memo as avoidance by upper management. Creates resistance if employees feel the changes are being forced upon them. |
Discussion – Open forum for employees to come and make suggestions and provide feedback. Ensure they know no negative actions will be taken towards them. | Provides venue for employees to make suggestions and provide input. Allows management to answer questions and address the majority of employees at one time. | Lack of group involvement. Employees may be afraid to provide input. May turn into a lecture by management if effective communication is not fostered. |
Face to Face – Management walks around and talk to the employees. Provide insight on reasons for change and answer questions. | More personable. Transmits most positive form of communication. Employees feel their ideas are being heard and taken into consideration in a one on one setting. | Misinterpretation of body language. |

These three channels of communication provide both management and the employees multiple venues of communication to ensure the correct message is being delivered. If employees feel they are able to contribute ideas and their voice is heard it will strengthen the company and foster a positive and productive environment. Each channel will...

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