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Communication is made in a number of different ways and we promote them all in our setting. We can communicate via talking and listening, pointing, reading and writing, sign language, makaton, facial expression and body language. It can also be made over the phone, face to face and with visual images.
People communicate to pass on and receive information, to express ourselves, to maintain relationships, for reassurance and acknowledgement and to negotiate and liaise with others.

When promoting effective communication it can affect the work place environment and aids relationships. Having good communication skills can establish a good relationship with both children and parents.

There are many barriers of communication and these may be resolved by having an interpreter present if the language is a barrier. You may need to pass ...view middle of the document...

If someone needs to talk, set aside the time and ensure you have a comfortable and safe environment and that you are open and willing to listen.

Is the person you are communicating with disabled or have an impairment? If so have someone present that can interpret where required.
Have a positive attitude towards the person and gather as much information as possible to ensure you give an appropriate response.
* Do not dominate the conversation. Allow as much time as required for the child to get across the information they need to.
* Do not talk over someone else or stop them saying what they need to say, it is very important for them to finish.
Some children benefit from close contact with you whilst others prefer a little distance. Take the time to find out what is most comfortable when planning your time with them.
Ensure appropriate responses are given at all time this could be face to face with either verbal or non verbal answers. Maintaining eye contact is important with an open posture. Let the individual know you are listening by nodding or answering agreement etc. Pay attention to what is being said and listen to what they are saying when not using the actual words to say it.
Within the work setting it is important that a high level of communication is maintained.

All staff need to ensure that they communicate with each other regarding any issues they have either with each other or anyone else so they can be resolved quickly and peacefully. A breakdown in communication can mean a lack of important information being passed on either about a member of staff or a child and could put the setting or an individual at risk.

To avoid misunderstandings ensure you put best practice into place at all times and resolve anything straight away. Communicate clearly with each other in appropriate ways. This could be in a newsletter so all information is passed onto the correct people at the same time.
When reading, point and allow children to point to what you are referring to – a fantastic way to aid communication.

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