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Communication Modality Essay

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Communication Modality: E-mail and Text Messaging

Communication is defined as an interaction between a sender and a receiver. Modes vary from spoken to written and from verbal to nonverbal. With the technological advancements that have taken place over the past decade, communication has also evolved from handwritten letters to emails and text messaging. Whereas before, correspondence could have taken days or weeks, we can now transmit data from sender to receiver in seconds, shortening response times. As a result of these advancements, we have seen changes in the communication modalities available to the healthcare consumer as well as their providers. The intention ...view middle of the document...

Sending and receiving e-mails has had a significant impact on patient’s healthcare. Employees in the healthcare community benefit from the security, speed
and simplicity of e-mail. Medical information, including attachments such as x-rays and test results, can be e-mailed to another facility thousands of miles away. Responses that could have once taken days can now be reduced to minutes. Another advantage is the virtual “paper trail” since sent and received e-mails can be retained as a record of communication between both parties.
Social networking is more common in healthcare than you may think. Internet-based social networks have become popular for the consumer. The intent of the social network in healthcare is to serve as knowledge based forum which enables communication and the secure sharing of PHI on discussion boards. Discussion boards give communities of patient forums where they can discuss health information. According to an article posted on the Associated Press online, a new trend in healthcare is e-Health which links patients with physicians. Patients can use their cell phones to self monitor their weight, blood pressure...

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