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Communication Skills Essay

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Name : Angelin Febriana
Class : Accounting-3/2013
ID : 008201300095
Communication Skills Final Exam

1. Communication climates are a foundation of our interaction with others. It is the emotional tones of a relationship between people. Same as the weather climate, communication climates affects how people feel and interact with one another. Conflict and communication have a tight relation. Conflict exists when people who depend on each other have different point of view, interest, values, responsibilities, or objectives and they perceived their differences as incompatible. Conflict sometimes appears also because of communication. People who are engaging in conflict also ...view middle of the document...

That’s why communication in groups and organizations is different one another.
4. Media shape our perspectives by establish an agenda for us by spotlighting some issues, and events. This agenda setting direct us to pay attention to particular topics by giving those topic coverage, otherwise they direct us to pay a minimum attention to other topics by covering them barely or not at all. This agenda setting indirectly shape our perspective on the happening issues.
5. Relationship between people who never meet face to face is really different from those who can see each other. If they never meet face to face, they will only do verbal or written communication. In the other hand, communication when people can see each other, they also experience non-verbal communication which is including body language, facial expression, etc. The advantage of engaging in a “never meet face to face” relationship is you can express yourself freely because you can’t see your communication partner. The limitations of using this way is you won’t know your partner well because you even haven’t meet them. Meanwhile, in a relationship when you can see each other, you will know your partner well. When you communicating with them, you will know whether they tell the truth or not, because their non-verbal language won’t lie. The limitations of using this forms of relationship is sometimes you can’t express your feelings, ideas or thoughts freely, because you can see your partner reaction directly. Sometimes it’s hard for a certain people, especially for those who are an introvert person.

1. Constitutive rules define what a particular communication means or stand for. Ed’s manager perceived that as a responsible employee, Ed should come to the banquet to show his loyalty to the company. His manager also consider attending the banquet as a prove of employee’s respect to the company. Meanwhile, Ed has different priority which is his family.
2. Most people in the company are belongs to a network. The informal network is not based on the company’s organizational...

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