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Communication Skills And Its Many Forms

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The skill I have chosen is communication. It is a skill that takes many forms. In this response, I will expound upon three. The first is verbal communication. Verbal communication is vital in today's society with an array of people from different ethnic backgrounds choosing to make the United States of America their home. Having this skill is beneficial in many ways. The ways are these; you are able to have your inner thoughts understood audibly and not limited to try to express yourself through your body or with writing words down on a page which I will get to in a moment. People that are native to the United States have verbal communication in English as their first language, so it is less likely for that to become an obstacle. However, people that have emigrated here from other countries, if they did not learn English previously, would benefit from doing so. Without this skill there'll always be a barrier, a translator needed, and confusion about whether ...view middle of the document...

Another example of this is flirting. Two people of the opposite sex in a public meeting place such as a bar, club, or a concert don't really have to say anything to each other to know that there is an attraction, or to know that there isn't. Nonverbal and or body language are known for bringing truth to the phrase "actions speak louder than words". Sometimes people can be saying one thing but their body language or nonverbal communication is saying another. When the recipient of this type of communication is faced with this situation, it almost always leads to confusion and then another conversation to clear things up.
The last form of communication, I'm going to touch on is what I'm currently doing right now, written communication. Written communication has the power to encourage us, entertain us, and govern the way we live our lives. If we were to take a look back in history at some of the documents that have been transcribed, you can see how important it would be to obtain the skills required for written communication. One of my favorite examples of this is how every movie we see, begins with a script. The story is first constructed and written down before it is ever projected on the big screen. A personal example of this for me is when I was a child, before there was e-mail; the kids in our class had pen pals. What this meant, was that we were able to communicate by way of writing letters to other kids in different parts of the world. The subject matter for the letters probably was not all that heavy-handed, but the way that we were communicating with each other was in a way, changing the way we saw different students and different cultures.
I am very thankful that I have been given the opportunity with my education, to learn the skills of communication. Whether it is reading, speaking, nonverbal or body language, or being able to write a letter to someone close to me or a far. If you're someone who is given the opportunity to learn the skills, I strongly advise you to take every opportunity to master the skill. Without it, it is as if you are living in a world of isolation and I don't know about you, but in my opinion that is no way to live.

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