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Communication Skills In English Essay

784 words - 4 pages








ASSIGNEMENT July, 2012 and January 2013 Session

Communication Skills in English BEGE-103 Elective Course in English

$.4$\$ g##ruwex
kLffi#"#'tfif Frcptc's \trtrps . Uf{IVERSITY

School of Humanities

Indira Gandhi National Open University
Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068


a E'{,ECTtrV&; C$U

N}I fl I{G LTSH {SE{Jts.-



#*lrvlmevria e ati s n,$&;c'#s i re E ngtts la

F:"*grarnrme: $trF
.4ssignn*en:c Dear Student,

{lode: BHGH



Herewith is er: assignmeut icr.;r,:n.'f;irrt,i:gir tliii assigjltnent lvr:ulC ircip yilr"r ...view middle of the document...

S'X'L]DY CE'TiTII, 5,:

I-! *.'4,;'

'l-Use only facl:rcan ltize


il:r -';r>ttt'filspi';i-riri at;ii tas aitt'l''e pagir:s tll:"'?i"iiiJ'"

5, Write the releva.n; riu*stiolt *iirnber'* itii tlri: i,rL-ii aflswer'
5. You should

wiite il; yoirr own


7. Submissig*:

Tir,; coinpi*i;rj assigr;i.r*nt ii;r.iiric i:e sitt t* ih., Cloor'Jii'::itr:r ::i:itr*; Stuily Cenffe allofie,J t# \,qr; i;' 31'u i*"isr,:!r, ]4]-{."i {i*,r .$ruL-y }q}13 sessisru} s,;rr.! ;if}ih Segrt. ?{}13 (fbr.fanpaijr 2{:13 su;lrio*i. Flense i,:nC ihl irstritctiq,-ins givetr in she F";rfrarirr*e Eii"ricle"


Before atl,empting the assignments read the direc'ions given below:


Read the units carefuliy' in order to ans$,,er the quesiions propeliS,'. Read also the features that regr:larl3, appear in rnagazincs and periadicals" Thes* vriltr heip ;v'ou in attempting the assignment better.

2') Keep the pulity
get a high grade.

your ianguage and readability of your





you wish...

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