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Need 1-2 page paper listing the goals for each aspect of your life: spiritual, family, and career. Explain what it would take to achieve each goal and the subsequent impact it would have on the other aspects of your life. This should serve as a guide for critically thinking through your future and prioritizing your goals.

I will discuss the three areas of goals which I have in terms of my spiritually, my family and my career. I will also explain what it takes to reach these goals, as well as the subsequent impact it will have on other areas of my life.
First, let’s deal with spirituality. For me being at peace with myself and feeling good about myself is important. That is why I always try and do the right things as well as take care of myself by eating right, exercising and also getting enough sleep. Because when I am feeling ...view middle of the document...

” Now I know family can be difficult at time, but they are definitely worth it. I find that the things I learn (whether in college or in life itself) can be helpful when I’m either dealing with them, or they are dealing with me (whether it is initially a pleasant experience or not for either party). My goal is to keep on spending a fair amount of quality time with them on a regular basis. That is why I need to take care of my spiritual needs and my studying/homework while I’m in school.
As stated earlier, I used to feel that career came first in front of everything. This type of thinking and behavior made me short-sighted, selfish and too driven to even think about the other important things in my life which I needed for balance. Now obviously I feel that my chosen career is important, that is after all one of the main reasons that I am attending a post-secondary educational system. But, the things I will learn in college (besides earning the much coveted bachelors (and perhaps master’s degree sometime), is what college will teach me. That being, not just the knowledge I learn, but also the ability to focus, study and persevere. So, I guess in essence my immediate career goals are to keep things in check. I’m doing fine now and I receive good reviews from my supervisors. If a promotion comes up, I am going to really think about it in the following ways; one is do I want this promotion right now, two is can I handle this promotion right now and if I do decide to take the promotion, how will my family, spirituality and school work be affected. If any of these will suffer anything above what I consider a mildly fair amount, than I will politely refuse the promotion. By doing this, my career will not advance as quickly as it could, but at least my own personal needs, my family’s needs, or my academic needs will not suffer. If I was trying to rebalance these on top of career advancement, I could see my career starting to suffer as well.

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