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Communication Unit 2 Assignment 1 Comparison Of Historical Communication Pices

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Unit 2 Assignment 1 Comparison of Historical Communication Pices

During the 1700s elocution was considered an art form, and a formal discipline. Elocution encompasses a number of important principles, articulation, inflection, accent, voice, and gesture. The study of this topic seems to me, to be very important. Humans in general need to convey the meaning behind their message. Without this course of study and its effects on our modern world we as a species might not be as advanced as we are. Imagine one of our nation’s speakers approaches a podium in a foreign country. He is not dressed in proper attire. He gives his speech about how trade between our nations could benefit us both. Unfortunately he is slouched over and doesn’t move or gesture to convey the feelings and motives behind his speech. He delivers the ...view middle of the document...

It featured:
* Human-centered sculpture and painting, in an increasingly natural and realistic style
* A fascination with mathematics and geometry, leading to advances in architecture
* A development of the art of drama and the creation of great works of theater
* Writings on the subject of virtue and excellence
From this Era we gained some of the greatest Western philosophers, and their philosophies. Like Socrates, he used paradox and discourse to rid students of preconceptions, and give them a radically different perspective on life. Socrates was very concerned with virtue, but disavowed the codification of the same. Plato was another; he developed a mystical and metaphysical view of the universe. The profound truths he uncovered could be applied to any situation. He was to have a profound influence on the later development of Christian theology also. Last but not least, Aristotle. He was concerned with the minute details of human life and the social order. He believed that Divine order was embodied in the physical world, and discoverable though investigation. His “physicalized metaphysics” became the foundation for Western Science.
As a current concept, humanism regularly develops and upgrades the desired state of the human being over time. Where free speech and voting rights were the big issues of the past, modern humanism now states 'Education is a right, not a privilege'. This is the traditional role of humanism, demanding improvement and justice for our species as a whole. Humanism is practical. It motivates us to understand complex situations and to make decisions. If this were not true, humanism could not be the basis for an upbeat, constructive way of life. Although it provides no ready-made formulas, it gives a specific point of view. This view makes it easier to work problems through to solution.

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